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Action Bars


Below you will see the lay out of the buttons that I (Aisse) have for my different toons,

for the various specs I've picked.

I'm sure you will find other layouts by others.  These seem to work well for me.

I hope this helps some of you.


You can also see some of the add-ons I have (on the screen).

I use:
Healbot Complete, Pallypower, Decursive, Carbonite,
Omen 3, Recount Preservation, Gatherer, Identity, Quartz.

and for my DK, I have an add-on called Face Smasher (it shows the rotation)

When I raid, I also use DeadlyBoss Mods and Scrolling Battle Text.


If any of you have screen prints of your Action Bars,
and would like me to post them here on the guild website,
please email the screenshots to me.



Retribution Paladin - Level 80  --- DPS ---  Spec 11/5/55
(This is a better spec)

(Laara's NEW toolbar on Wyrmrest Accord Server)
(July 9, 2010)




Retribution Paladin - Level 80  --- DPS ---  Spec 0/11/60
(This was Laara's OLD spec)

(Laara's OLD toolbar on Wyrmrest Accord Server)
(June 2010)



Prot Paladin - Level 80  ---  Tank ---   10/54/7

(Kuura on Lightbringer Server)

Glyphs that were recommended to me (for PROT Paladin):
 (Major): Divine Plea, Hammer of the Righteous, Seal of Vengeance/Corruption
(Minor) Lay on Hands, of Kings, of Might


Check out this link for some  Prot Pally tactics:


[Note: Kuura is dual spec Prot/Ret  --- Her Ret spec is 2/10/59]




Shadow Spec Priest - Level 80 ---  DPS ---16/0/55

(Veld on Wyrmrest Accord Server)

Veld is dual spec Shadow/Holy
Her Holy Spec (Healer) is 12/58/1



Balance Spec Druid - Level 65 --- DPS Caster

(Icce on Wyrmrest Accord Server)




Balance Spec Druid - Level 80 - DPS CASTER  --- 57/0/14

(Yshira on Lightbringer Server)
(She's Dual Spec Balance/Resto)


Resto Spec Druid - Level 80 -- HEALER --- 14/0/57

(Yshira on Lightbringer Server)
(She's Dual Spec Balance/Resto)



Combat Spec Rogue - Level 80  ---  DPS MELEE --- 15/56/0

(Aisse on Lightbringer Server)




Mutilate/Preparation/Envenom -Assassation Spec Rogue
- Level 73  ---  DPS MELEE ---

(Meenah on Wyrmrest Accord Server)
On the Netherwing Ledge in Disguise

Oct 7, 2010


This is the bar set up as I am in stealth



Blood Spec Death Knight - Level 80   ---   46/5/20

(Laerena on Lightbringer Server)

(Laerena on Lightbringer Server)
You can see she has the add-on called FACE SMASHER turned on.
She is about to go attack that cat so the icons on the Face Smasher add on are starting to show up
(July 9, 2010)




Malvandra's action bars
Hunter  - Level 80  

(Wyrmrest Accord Server) (March 22, 2010)



Saytin's Action Bar (80-DK-TANK)
October 6, 2010






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Oct 7, 2010