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Guild Philosophy


 Queen Laara... going into 3v3 Arena with Grozzwask and Hordeda


Icce going into Heroic Sethekk Halls with Thorevalda (her sister), Totemer and Kalastarian.
(July 11, 2010)


Laara, Croanuss, Totemer and Talaanan in Scholomance.
Helping Talaanan get the items he needs for the level 60 paladin quest.
(July 14, 2010)



Our Philosophy

We are a group of mature, friendly, fun-loving, experienced and new players, who enjoy playing the game and who are willing and anxious to help each other.   Many of us have level 70, 80, and level 85 toons, (either horde or this server or alliance on Lightbringer server). We are a "layed back" guild, friendly and fun.  

We enjoy playing together.  

We help each other with our talents and skills. We help each other skill up and make money by contributing skinning or mining or herbing, as the need my be.  We all help each other.


We have a tabard, a Guild Vault, a website, and Ventrilo.   

We discourage drama. We hate ninjas and thieves of any kind. 
We will not tolerate lying or stealing, or cussing. (in  guild chat or in vent).   
is a very important word in our guild.   Basically, Be Friendly to everyone!  "Nice" is Ok.

  Although we do NOT power level new players, we do help each other in instances, with quests, getting gear, getting mats for disenchanting, and for cloth for tailoring skill-ups and first aid ... as well as for the companionship and fun it offers.   

We like playing together as a guild, questing together, doing dungeons, going to battlegrounds sometimes, raiding, and just hanging out.
We also often "team up" to do "dailies".   It's more fun that way.  
And we also get "guild points" for teaming up, another benefit to all of us.
So we ask in guild chat for a group, as we believe  "Guild groups before pugs".  So, please feel free to speak up in guild chat.

Don't forget to Check the Guild Calendar from time-to-time for dates and times to join a group.

As well as doing the new Cataclysm dungeons, we do Old World instances and raids, Outlands instances and raids, Northrend instances, raids and heroics.  We want everyone to get the <Master Key> for Karazhan, and we will help everyone do that.  It's a fun quest chain.

We will help you get your "explorer" title too. 

We are on a role-playing server, so I guess you know what that means.....and, Yes, we do some role-playing.
If you need RP clothes, check out the GV or ask in guild chat about RP clothes.... 
[Check the Guild Calendar for the dates and times for the RP events.]

Each of us has a story to tell and each member's role-playing story is here on the guild website for all of you to read.  You will want to come up with a role-playing story for your toons, too (at least one for your "main" toon in our guild).  Simply type it up in the body of an email and send it to the GM (Queen Laara)  as soon as you come up with one so that it can be included here too.   Send your role-playing story to:  ]

Many of us use Ventrilo on a daily basis, "just to chat".  We are friends and we like to talk to each other. We hope you will join us in vent to "just chat".   We also use it for group-quests, raiding, dungeons, and battlegrounds.  It's a must for dungeons and raids (even if you don't talk).

     We use Ventrilo.  We hope you will too. We would like to include you in our group activities.

We welcome mature, like-minded, new players, as well as experienced players, to join our guild family. 
 Many of us have become friends, not just gamers. 
We welcome you to join us. 



Laara,  Totemer, Thorevalda and Lifecrave outside Auchiedown
(Kalker is on his way to us)
(May 9, 2010)



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January 20, 2011