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What does "Aeterum Arcanum" mean?

"Aeterum Arcanum" means "Eternal Magic" for those of you who are curious.


How do you pronounce "Aeterum Arcanum" ?   Eye-Ter-num  Are-Kay-num



- Guild Rules -


and  Guild Ranks



(on the day of the Coronation of Queen Laara when
the guild  leadership was transferred to her: November 7, 2009 )

Queen (GM) - Laara - said:


Rules NOT listed on the Guild Information tab:

1. Ventrilo

What is Vent: Ventrillo is a chat program separate from WoW.  It's free. All you have to do is download it, and have a headset/mic.  Set it up (using your "main" toon name) and ask Queen Laara to authorize you to use it.  Then you will be able to connect. (You must be authorized to use our vent server.)

Where do I find the vent information for set-up? The vent info can be found under the "ventrilo" tab of this website and on the main page of the guild website at .  You will need to ask Queen Laara or any of the officers for the password.

When to use Vent: You will need to connect to ventrilo when you team up with guildies to do the harder quests together, group quests and the like, and it is a "must" for dungeons, raids and battlegrounds.  When we role-play (which is occasionally), you will also want to be in vent. You are welcome to connect to "vent" to "just talk" to us and get to know us as you quest, too, even when you are not in a group with any of us. (Many of us do that.)  

Ask Queen Laara or any of the officers about Ventrilo.

2. Authenticators

What is  an Authenicator?  An Authenicator is a device that you purchase from the Blizzard Store (online), that generates a set of numbers to go with your password when you log into the game.  This device generates a NEW set of numbers every one (1) minute.  Having this device makes it MUCH MUCH harder for hackers to hack your account.  The device costs $6.50 plus shipping if you are in the USA and slightly more if you are in Canada.

Who Needs an Authenicator?  Well, considering that I keep hearing that more and more people are getting their accounts hacked, and considering that my husband (Maximuz/Zumixam) got his account hacked in May 2010, and considering that my son had his account hacked in the past... all of us NOW have authenticators. So I would say, EVERYONE in the GUILD needs one.  Hence my new Rule, effective immediately (May 2010): ALL OFFICERS in this guild MUST HAVE an Authenticator on their account to hold an officer position in this guild.  There is too much risk to the GV and to the guild as a whole for officers not to have one.  So ALL Officers Must have one. Also, anyone who wishes to be considered for an officer rank must have an authenticator.

How can officers prove they have an Authenticator?   Everyone who is an officer must produce his/her "core hound" pet, as proof that you have an Authenticator.




Queen - GM

 Dutchess - Queen's Alts (Officer)

 Royal Guardian - OFFICER's Main

Baron  - OFFICER's ALts

Blood Knight - Sub-Officer





Guest (Initiate)




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January 19, 2011