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Notes from the Meetings



GUILD Meeting – January 17, 2011 – 6:15 pm


1.      Aisse

2.      Solaradin

3.      Raeowyn

4.      Valindar

5.      Totemer

6.      Maximuzz

7.      Metalwolf

8.      Malvandra

9.      Aleriia

10.    Airne

11.    Dathias

12.    Kelinthus??

13.    Ralph??

14.    Kordeath???


Is you were online in the meeting (In vent) and I have NOT added your name here....

OR if I have your name here and you did NOT attend the Guild Meeting, also, please let me know.



1.      Holylion (Streight) – He was away in Chicago, working.

2.      Fastin/Iamacow/Styrofoam – He had to get off line and go to bed (his parent’s decision)

3.      Thorevalda – He chose not to attend (as he was sick)

4.      Zaii – She was not in attendance.



Preface to Meeting:

At the beginning of the meeting, I said that this meeting is a Mandatory Guild Attendance Meeting and that I expected everyone present to stay through the whole meeting to the very end, to listen to everything that was said by myself and everyone else.  I said that I expected everyone to remain in vent until the meeting was finished, and that I would not take kindly to anyone rage-quitting vent in the middle if they took something said the wrong way and got mad.  I also said I expected some people would not like everything that was going to be discussed at this meeting, but I still expected everyone to stay and listen, right to the end of the meeting.

I asked people to please let me talk and I said that I would stop after each section and take questions and listen to comments.  I will give each person who wishes to speak a chance to do so after each section.

Meeting: (Queen Laara did the talking first)

A.     Officer Changes:


For the last few months, there have been eight (8) Officers (including myself) in the guild.  I have come to the conclusion that we currently do not need eight (8) Officers, we only need six (6), so at the conclusion of this Guild Meeting, I will be demoting two (2) of the current Officers back to Sub-Officer rank.  Sometime in the future, when our guild membership increases, we will no doubt need additional officers, but for right now, six (6) officers are enough.  All guild members will have an opportunity to become an Officer in the future should the need for more officers arise.  At the moment, no promises are being made to anyone.  If the need should arise in future, a decision will be made at that time.  I know that all of you will respect the wishes of all of the Guild Officers and Sub-Officers.

Effective tonight, following this Guild Meeting, the following persons will be the Officers of the Guild:

1.      Laara (GM) [and my alts]

2.      Maximuzz [and his alts]

3.      Raeowyn [and his alts]

4.      Valindar [and his alts]

5.      Totemer [and his alts]

6.      Solaradin [and his alts]



When all of the Officers and myself are offline, the Sub-Officers will be in charge.  If any issues arise that they cannot handle, they all know how to get in touch with me, or the matter can be brought to my attention when I do come online again and I (or one of the Officers) can deal with it then. 

These Sub-Officers should be respected with the decisions they make while the Officers and I are NOT online.  I believe each of them will make the best decisions they can at the times when they do so.  I believe each of them has a vested interest in the Guild Membership and that they each want to do what’s right for the entire guild. 

Effective tonight, following this Guild Meeting, the following persons will be the Sub-Officers of the Guild:

1.      Thorevalda

2.      Metalwolf

3.      Malvandra


B. Vent Usage

1. Vent Channels

I have created additional channels in Vent to allow those in BGs or Arena to be in that channel, and the Instance channels and the Raid channels.  These channels are to be used for arena, bgs, instances and raids, in future.  Once finished with the arena, bg, instance or raid, you are welcome to move back to the default “Orphanz” channel (and it would be appreciated if you would do so).

When guildies are in Instances or Raids, Arena/or BGs, the general populous should NOT be going up to those channels just to chat.  Those in those channels are trying to focus on the activity they are engaged in and do not need to be disturbed at that time.  What you have to say or questions you have, can wait until those persons are finished and have moved back to the default “Orphanz” channel.  Those in those channels need to concentrate on what they are doing and interruptions are not necessary, and can cause them to wipe.  They will move back to the default “Orphanz” channel when they are finished to chat with everyone.

If you notice they are out of the Instances, Raids, Arena, or BGs but have not moved back to the default “Orphanz” channel, you can slip up there and ask them if they’d like to move back down to the “Orphanz” channel and then move back down.  Don’t stay up there and chat.  Move back to the other channel, please. 

If you find there are too many people talking in the default “Orphanz” channel and you can’t get a word in, or you have a specific thing you wish to talk about with someone and others are talking in the default “Orphanz”channel, you might want to move to the Parlour, Kitchen or Sun Porch channel with that person or persons to chat.  These are also “general” rooms in vent, and everyone can move to them.

If you all find we do not have enough channels, let me or Max know and we can alter that.

General discussion/questions… There was some discussion.


2. Vent Issues

a. Derogatory Comments: Some people are saying derogatory things to each other in vent and a lot of arguing is happening in vent all the time lately.  Many of you have been talking to me about this and telling me you are fed up with listening to this, so PLEASE CUT IT OUT.  Be nice. Think before you speak.  You have to key up to speak, so you have the chance to think first.

b. Taking Over the Explanations in general: Sometimes someone is explaining something in vent and another one or two of you will jump in and talk over that person and take over the explanation.  This is rude, so please refrain from doing that.  Once the person has finished their explanation, if you feel the person gave the wrong information or left something out, you can speak up and have your say, but do it nicely.  Don’t just say “You are Wrong, Buddy” and jump in there.  That is not nice, and has to stop.

c. Taking Over Explanations in dungeons, raids: I have been told this issue has also happened in dungeons.  Please be courteous in dungeons too.  All of us have something to say.  Some know more than others do about the bosses and mobs in dungeons, but let everyone have his/her say when they are making an effort.  Sometimes a tank is trying to learn a dungeon fight and if he/she gets too many explanations, and conflicting comments, it gets too confusing, so be patient and let all of us have fun and learn and work together.

d. Talking Over Others in Vent: I have heard this and had people complain to me about this issue.  We all need to work on this.  Sometimes someone is talking in vent and another one or two of you will jump in and start talking to another person in the same channel and talk over that person and take over.  Other times, the fact that someone is speaking is completely ignored and a person will start up another conversation with someone else.  I realize that sometimes some of you can’t hear someone speaking, but we all need to give people a chance to talk, and you all need to respond too.  Please don’t let a person just hang there.

e. Rage-Quitting Vent: Lately, I have noticed that some of you have gotten angry at someone’s comments in vent and you have “rage quit vent”.  That is very rude and I should not have to tell you to cut it out, but apparently I do have to do that.  Rage Quitting Vent is just like hanging up the telephone in someone’s ear.  It’s rude and makes the other person angry.  It just escalates any discussion or argument.  If you feel you are too angry to speak when someone says something you do not like, just don’t say anything for a minute or so.  Let the person finish speaking, then say, I’m sorry but I have to move to another channel for a few minutes.  I can’t talk to you right now and move yourself.  Don’t hang up in the person’s ear and/or cut them off when they are speaking.  When you have calmed down come back up and get back into conversation with the person.  If you feel your conversation with that person should be in private, and not announced out to the whole guild to sort out the issue, ask the other person if they will move to the Parlour or another channel with you to talk.  Please, don’t air your dirty laundry in the default “Orphanz” channel. Please. – Then, please be courteous and respectful to each other in the other channel and work out the problem or issue.

f. Ignore/Mute in vent, in the game: Over the last month or so, several guildies have told me that they have been put on Ignore or Mute by someone or that they have put someone else on Ignore or Mute in vent and/or in the game. 

We need to all work together and get along.  Please try to work out your differences.  We are all one big family and I’m the mother.  Siblings do fight and kick and scream at each other sometimes in real life, but they also love each other and do kiss and make up (so to speak).  They would die for the other should their brother/sister be attacked by another.  So please, let’s put that into practice here.  Let’s strive to work together and get along.  

If you just can’t resolve an issue with someone, please speak to one of the officers or to me and I or one of the officers will try to get the issue resolved.

g. Screaming in vent/ Bad Day/ Bad BG / Mad at Pug Groups, etc: If you are having a bad day in real life or are mad because of issues you encountered in a BG or Pug Group, please don’t take it out on the guildies in vent.

If you are in BGs and get killed or ganked or you are out questing and get ninjaed, or if you are in a PUG group in a dungeon and you have what you consider a lousy group or someone calls you names, please don’t come back to the default “Orphanz” channel and scream about it in vent. 

You can talk about all of these issues softly, but please don’t scream out about it in vent, or cuss about it in vent.  And please don’t go on and on and on about it in vent.  I’ve been getting complaints that this has been happening and some of the guildies have said they are getting tired of it.  It’s ok to talk about these things, but please don’t scream about it and carry on and on.  The tantrums and outbursts in vent have to stop.

h. Welcome in Vent:  Everyone is welcome in vent and everyone wants to feel welcome there, so please show respect and get along.  Please use your common sense.

Also, I encourage everyone in the guild to please get into vent, to talk to your fellow guildies, to get to know each other.  This vent server is to aid in raids and dungeons, but it’s also here “just so we can talk to each other”.

i. Cussing in vent and/or in chat:  I know that from time to time there might be a slip, but let’s not make it a habit.  The cussing has gotten a lot better, but I just want to remind all of you about refraining from cussing in vent and/or in chat.  There is no excuse for you typing cuss words.  That takes a conscious effort.  Also, please continue to refrain from telling each other what you consider to be cute little antidotes in vent. 

j. Penalty for Cussing in Vent: To aid in the reduction of cussing in vent, I recently instated a rule, that should you cuss in vent, you should go to the Guild Vault and deposit 1 Gold for having done that.  That is not to say that you can go donate 20 Gold or 100 Gold and expect to be able to cuss freely.  It does not work that way.

k. Why not to cuss in vent or tell cute little antidotes?  Several guildies have small children listening in the background while they play and are in vent, and they prefer that their children do not hear these tales or any cussing.  Also, your attitude when you speak in vent does come across in vent and can be overheard by these same small children.  That is another reason for having a good attitude in vent.  Please try to remember this.  It is much appreciated when you do.

l. Conclusion of this section: I know it sounds like there are a lot of complaints here.  It’s not meant to be derogatory or to put anyone down.  This meeting is to improve things, not to make them worse.  As a whole, we are a group of good people who like each other and who want to be friends and play together.  Sometimes things just get out of whack, and we have to talk things over.  That is all this guild meeting is for.


3.  Consequences: (for NOT abiding by these rules):

If these rules are not abided by and I have to take action, the offending member will be put in the "Dog House” channel in vent for a week.  It’s like a time out, or being “grounded”.  During that time frame, the person will not be able to move out of the Dog House channel into any other channel, and no one will be able to go into the Dog House channel to chat, as it is password protected.  When I say a person is grounded, I mean it.  Be aware: Vent is not the only thing you will be deprived of if you get sent to the Dog House channel.  You won’t be able to raid with us or go to dungeons, BGs or Arena with us during that time period either.  Once the week is up, you will be given your regular privileges back.



Many of you have been doing PUG dungeons, getting in PUG groups.

Since the expansion, we get guild points for doing things together. And, as you know, with those points come perks we can all enjoy.

Many of us want to do dungeons and/or battlegrounds, and want to raid (eventually) and we would welcome an invitation from any others who wish to get together to do these things.  Grouping up to do quests and to dailies and to just hang out is good too.

We need to do dungeons together as a guild as much as possible.  So, before you go off to a dungeon with a PUG Group or before you try to form one, or before you sign up for a group, please ask in vent (and ask in guild chat by typing) if others would like to team up with you and go together.

A few people still do not have headsets, or their headsets or broken, or their laptops will not allow them to use vent and be ingame at the same time, but they would like to team up, so please type in guild chat [as well as asking in vent] and ask if anyone would like to form a 5-man group and go do a dungeon or two together or do the daily dungeon with you.  Most of the time, you will find your group. Even if others have already gone, they will most likely be willing to team up with you and go to one.

Going together will be more fun, less aggravating, and we will get the guild points and achievements for going together as a guild. 



Professions:  Farming and working together as a team, helping everyone max out their professions, and to help everyone get the gear they need.  We have been doing this over the last month and I (and the officers) encourage all of you to continue doing this, and/or join in doing this with us (if you haven’t been).  It’s a great benefit to all the individuals as well as to the Guild as a whole. 

Examples of Working Together: We have accomplished a lot in the last month.

Solaradin wanted /needed help getting his “Sandstone Drake” and many of us pitched in to help him get the funds needed for that.  We skinned, mined, picked plants, and fished to get mats.  Many of us gave him Volatiles so that he could fashion items to sell on the AH.  On January 2, 2011, he got his Sandstone Drake.

Right after that, several guildies got together and made a second Sandstone Drake and gave it to me (Icce) as a gift (on January 16, 2011).  This was a secret enterprise/project, contributed to by many members of the guild over a 2-week period.  Even I contributed to it and didn’t know it.  I kept giving Solar Volatile Fires and Ore.  I thought it was so he could craft gear for guild members, as that is what I was told it was for.  You all did a good job of keeping this a secret from me, and I’m sure it wasn’t easy sometimes.  I know it was a lot of hard work and let me tell you all “I’m very honoured and very appreciative of this awesome gift!”  I was blown away by it actually!  Thank you all very much!

Things like this can be accomplished if the guild just works together as a team. 

What do you want?  I know for a fact Ralph would like to have a Hog, and so would Raeowyn.  Kordeath would like to have that 19 K Mammouth sold in Dalaran.  What do you want?  Let us work together to get these things for all of us, whatever they may be.  Let’s make a list and work together to get the items we each want.



If you happen to go into the Vortex Pinnacle Heroic, Do NOT touch the Golden Orbs.  By collecting all 5 of them, it starts the “Bonus Stage” and the Dragon Kills You!



CRITTER KILL SQUAD – Kill 50,000 critters.  We are at about 10,000 kills now.  This is killing bugs and beadles, snakes and spiders, etc.  Critters!

WORKING AS A TEAM – “Honoured” Obtain 525 skill points in all professions.  We still need (1) Fishing, (2) Leatherworking, (3) Tailoring, (4) Enchanting, and (5) Inscription.  I know some of you are 525 in these professions, but you do not have “honored” rep.  It is only a matter of time till we get these.  Good work everyone!

IT ALL ADDS UP - There is an achievement for spending Gold out of the Guild Vault for Repairs.  I have set the guild controls so that everyone from Squire Rank up to GM can remove up to 1 Gold per day for repairs from the guild vault.  With the amount of money that is being donated to our GV by Blizzard [from our Rep Standing] by our simply killing things and collecting the cash off the dead bodies (in dungeons, etc), we are able to do this.  I believe 1 Gold is about the limit we can afford right now.  Once we get a higher level of money in the GV, I will be able to add Citizen Rank to the list of those who can do this 1 Gold per day repair from the GV.  Eventually, I may be able to increase the amount withdrawn daily for repairs too.  I’ll keep an eye on this.



For those of you who have not visited the guild website, I encourage you to do so, to have you read the RP stories and see the Photo Gallery particularly.  Click on the guild name.  You can see there is one for Orphanz (our Alliance toons on Lightbringer Server) and one for Aeternum Arcanum (our Horde toons here on Wyrmrest Accord Server).

For those of you who have not yet emailed me your toon’s RP Story, please send me something.  It can be a paragraph or a page or 10 pages or 20 pages in length.  You be the judge.  If you are having trouble thinking up something, go read the RP stories on the website.  They may help you get some ideas.  And don’t worry if you think you can’t write, I’ll help.  My email address is   I really want at least one RP story from every guildie.


H. Guild RANK NAME CHANGE - Afterthought

After the Guild Meeting, I did a lot of thinking about the titles of the ranks.  I did not mention this in the Guild Meeting, but I know many of us have been getting confused with the rank names “Blood Knight” and “Royal Knight”.  The “Blood Knight” Rank has been the Sub-Officer rank and the “Royal Knight” has been the Officer Rank.  Today (January 19, 2011), I decided to change the Rank name “Royal Knight” to “Royal Guardian”.  From today, the names of the ranks, and their order is:

Queen (GM – Queen Laara),

Dutchess (GM’s alts),

Royal Guardian (Officer’s Main Toons),

Baron (Officer’s alt toons),

Blood Knight (Sub-Officer’s Main Toons);









RANKS and Privileges (as of January 19, 2011) – Aeternum Arcanum Guild





Queen (GM)

Can do ALL Things, Can set Ranks, Can set Privileges, Can Change Rank Names.  GM also maintains the Guild Website and is the Owner of the Ventrilo Server.  Has 100% control of Vent Server.  Can Authorize, Kick, & Ban in Vent.  Can set passwords and remove them in Vent. Can make Vent channels and remove them.




Can do all the same things as the GM, except cannot dissolve the guild and cannot demote the GM. Can take as much as she wants from GV daily. CAN Guild Listen, Guild Speak, Officer Speak, Officer Listen, Can Invite, Promote, Remove Member, Can View and Edit Officer Note, Can View and Edit Public Note, Can create Guild Event (in Calendar), Can take 200 Gold out of GV as cash and for repairs daily, Can remove as many items out of GV as she wants daily.  Can Demote, Can Set MOTD, Can Modify Guild Info.



Royal Guardian

Guild Listen, Guild Speak, Officer Speak, Officer Listen, Can Invite, Promote, Remove Member, Can View and Edit Officer Note, Can View and Edit Public Note, Can create Guild Event (in Calendar), Can take 1 gold from GV for repairs daily.




Guild Listen, Guild Speak, Officer Speak, Officer Listen, Can Invite, Promote, Remove Member, Can View and Edit Officer Note, Can View and Edit Public Note, Can create Guild Event (in Calendar), Can take 1 gold from GV for repairs daily.



Blood Knight

Guild Listen, Guild Speak, Can Invite, Promote members, Can Edit Public Note, Can View Officer Note; Can Create Guild Event (in Calendar), Can take 1 gold from GV for repairs daily.




Guild Listen, Guild Speak, Can take 1 gold from GV for repairs daily, Can Invite, Can Edit Public Note.




Guild Listen, Guild Speak, Can take 1 gold from GV for repairs daily, Can Invite, Can Edit Public Note.




Guild Listen, Guild Speak




Guild Listen, Guild Speak




Guild Listen, Guild Speak




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January 19, 2011