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- Raiding Rules -




It will be necessary for everyone to know the "raiding rules" for our guild. 
I'll try to keep it simple, and we can talk about this if you don't understand something. 
Above all, we are here to enjoy the raids.  But, we do have to follow some guidelines.

August 7, 2010



You MUST have the following add-ons:

1. Deadly Boss Mods

2. Omen 3 Threat Meter

You can get both from

3. You MUST also have VENTRILO (and have a headset at least so you can hear), and CONNECT for the raids.  I think most of you are already authorized to use it. If not, speak to Aisse about it.


You MUST be willing to devote 2 to 3 hours of time specifically to this raid, to be included in the group.  Please make sure you can be dedicated to this for 2 to 3 hours before we start.


First: Please be on time.  If the scheduled time for the raid to start is 12:00 pm (noon). That means we will all be inside the raid location, be buffed, and have been given the raid leader's instructions (if need be), AND the tank will be pulling the first mob at 12:00 p.m. sharp.


When do Invites go out? 
Invites will start going out 15 minutes before
raid time. (ie. If the raid is scheduled to start at 12:00 p.m. server time, that means invites will start at 11:45 am).  You will NOT be late if you are invited to the raid group within 10 minutes of the designated start time (or 11:50 am).

[If you have a problem in real life and arrive online late, but it's before the scheduled raid time, just get in vent and tell us you are running late.  But, please do not make a habit of being late. Please try to be on time.  We understand that real life does get in the way sometimes, but since 10 or more of us are trying to meet up to do this together, we all need to try to be on time so we can get going at the scheduled raid start time.  This is especially true if we are doing this on a workday evening.]


People should start making their way to the location where the raid will be at 15 minutes before the scheduled raid time (In this case, that would be at 11:45 a.m.)  We will summon when we can, but don't count on that. Try to get there on your own.


When do we zone in?
We will
zone in 5 minutes prior to the fight starting time .  This will give us time to buff up once inside, and time for the raid leader to explain the fight we are about to do before we start the first pull at the designated raid start time (of 12:00 p.m.)  We expect to start the first pull at 12:00 p.m. sharp.


What should you bring with you? or leave behind?
You will be expected to have at least 1 empty pack, food, water, pots, bandages, arrows, bullets, pet food, reagents, poisons, buff food, etc, or whatever your toon needs when you arrive at the raid location. AND please make sure that your armour is fully repaired before you head to the raid location.

Please do not expect a mage to give you food and water, although any mage in our group will no doubt make some for all of us once we get to the raid site.


We will all take a 5-minute break at the end of each section (for bio and/or drink or food or smoke, or phone call or text messaging.)  The break will be ONLY 5 minutes long each time, so use the break time wisely, please.


If you get a text message on your msger or cell phone during the raid, please ignore it until the break time. 

If you get a phone call during the raid, please let it go to your answer machine or answer it and tell the person you will have to call them back in 10 or 15 minutes.  Then call them on the break.

If you get someone knocking at your door, it is understandable that you will need to go answer the door, but please make it quick, and be sure to let us know before you go answer it so we can try to be safe while you are away for a minute or two.


The loot will be set on MASTER LOOTER for the Raids.

You will be able to roll on a piece that drops for your MAIN spec First and you can ONLY roll on it if YOU can use it.   --- For instance, if a wand drops, a hunter cannot roll on it.  Or if a cloth item drops, a warrior cannot roll on it.  OR if a shield drops, a mage or priest or druid or hunter or rogue Can NOT roll on it.  Please be aware of what gear your class can use.

Roll is "/roll"  to give a number between 1 and 100.

You will only be allowed one drop for your main spec until everyone that can use the piece has one piece.  (i.e. if we have two healers, both will want healing gear that drops, so both of them will be allowed to roll on the healing gear until one gets a piece, then the other person will get the next one that drops if they want it.)

After that, if anything drops that you can use for your off-spec, you will be allowed to roll on that for your off spec.

If items drop that NO ONE can use, then everyone will be allowed to roll for it for vendor trash, or de mats (if we have an enchanter in the group).

WORLD DROPS: everyone will be allowed to roll for them at the end of the raid.


The raid leader will be explaining all the fights in vent prior to our pulling the mobs and bosses.  Please listen and wait to ask questions until after the explanation. If you don't understand, ask questions at that time, before the pull. 

Please, no unnecessary talking during the raid leader's explanations, and/or during boss fights.


We would like to see everyone get something, but sometimes some need gear more than others, so please be considerate and let's work on getting all of us gear. If you don't get something in this raid group, let's keep doing heroics together and working on getting gear that way, until the next raid.




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August 7, 2010