The <Orphanz> Guild


The World of Warcraft [WoW] began on November 23, 2004

The <Orphanz> Guild began on July 26, 2007.

We are on The Lightbringer Server, on Pacific Time Zone time.




Maximuz and Aisse... on the dock at Stormwind Harbour
- January 2009 -

Maximuz's banker toon "Homersapien" is the "GM" of the guild.
Aisse is his helper, leading in partnership with Maximuz. 


Who are the members of the <Orphanz> Guild?

We are a group of mature friendly, fun-loving, experienced and new players,
who enjoy playing the game and who are willing and anxious to help newcomers in our guild family. 
Many have level 70 and level 80 toons, as well as alts that are leveling up. 

We help each other with our talents and skills, and we join in groups for questing and raids.
We do Old World instances and raids, Outlands instances and raids, and Northrend instances and heroics.

We help each other get the <Master Key> for Karazhan.

We help guildies to do "dailies" by showing them where to go and how to do them.
We often team up and do them together. It's more fun that way.

We are a "layed back" guild. Friendly and fun.

We have a tabard, a Guild Vault, a website, and Ventrilo. 

We welcome mature, like-minded, new players, as well as experienced players, to join our guild family. 
 Many of us have become friends, not just gamers, we welcome you to join us. 


   (a)  General Rules  REVISED Aug 10, 2009

 (b)  Guild Officers  REVISED Aug 10, 2009   

(c)   Guild Officers - ALTS  REVISED June 2, 2009 

(d)   Ventrilo INFO  REVISED Aug 10, 2009   

 (e)  Pictures Gallery REVISED Sept 4, 2009
(pictures up to July 4, 2009 online now)


(f)   Info Links  REVISED June 3, 2009
You can find out all kinds of things here.
(For instance: where to get training for your professions,
where to go fishing, where to skill up mining, herbing,
what you have to do to get your Karazhan "Master Key".)

(g)   Helpful Websites  NEW - June 3, 2009
You will WANT to check this out!




***************************************************************************************************************************************** Links:

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1. WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Trailer



2, World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King Cinematic (Wrathgate)
(2 versions)

At The Wrathgate --- the battle  --- Dragonblight, Northrend




the Guild Leader or the Asst-GM
: Aisse 



Changes to the Guildelines:

The Guildelines may be changed by the GM at any time.
If a guildie has a problem with any rule, please bring it up with the GM
---- IN PRIVATE Please ----

Revised  Aug 29, 2009