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About Aisse's Alts on Lightbringer Server:
 A HISTORY Through Pictures:

Toocatz and Maximuz in Westfall ...June 18, 2006... when we were both young (in our teens).

Our First Toons... a couple of months after we started playing...



ABOUT Max's Alts:

Max's  toons on Lightbringer Server are:

as at May 28, 2009

"Maximuz" (night elf hunter, lvl 80, spec marksman - born on Lightbringer Server) (skin/lw) [His MAIN]

"Zumixam" (night elf Druid, lvl 80, dual spec Feral (tank)/Resto(Healer) - born on Lightbringer) (herb/insc)

"Xxam" (human warlock, lvl 72, spec affliction) (Herb/Alchemy)

"Maximuzz" (baby Max) (night elf hunter, lvl 72 spec beast mastery - born on Mannoroth Server) (skin/lw)

"Maximuzrex" (human deathknight, lvl 72, spec blood) (Mining/BS)

"Oropherz" (Rogue, lvl 44, spec subtelty) (tailoring/enchanting)

"Pinkfloydz" (gnome mage lvl 27 spec frost) (mining/engineering)

"Giterdunn" (draenei paladin, lvl 25, spec ret) (mining/JC)

"Shamaxz" (female) (draenei shaman, level 25, spec enhancement)

"Homersapien" (PRIEST, level 10) - GM - Banker



About Aisse's ALTS:

Aisse's  toons on Lightbringer Server are:

as at June 1, 2009

"Aisse" (night elf rogue lvl 80 spec combat, sword - born on Lightbringer Server-ding 80 on 4/5/09), [My MAIN]

"Laerena" (Draenei Deathknight, lvl 80, spec Unholy, - born on Nov 13, 2008 on Lightbringer), 
---> The WotLK was released on Nov 13, 2008 at 12:00 am, and Laerena was born at 12:20 am...  at level 55.
 Laerena dinged level "80" on December 6, 2008. (25 levels in 3 weeks) <---

"Yshira" (night elf druid lvl 80 dual spec Resto (healer)/Balance (DPS) - born "Twocats" on Lightbringer Server - ding 80 on 3/09/09),

"Kuura" (draenei paladin lvl 80 dual spec Retribution (DPS) /Prot (Tank) - born on Lightbringer Server -ding 80 on 5/31/09),

"Jaenl" (draenei hunter lvl 70 spec beast mastery - born "Janal" on Exodar Server),

"Aazza" (gnome mage lvl 55 spec arcane/fire - born on Lightbringer Server in Nov 2008),

"Jayyn" (draenei priest lvl 51 spec shadow - born on Lightbringer Server),

"Reyanne" (human warlock lvl 47 spec affliction - born on Lightbringer Server),

"Lamirra" (was "Kaakuu") (draenei shaman level 42 spec elemental - born on Lightbringer Server)

"Baryy" (human rogue level 57 spec subtlety - born on Mannoroth Server, a pvp server)
(She is my banker now. )
(She is currently the only member of <Got the Goods> Guild)
(She was in <Forgiven> Guild on Lightbringer Server for years),



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June 2, 2009