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GM : Homersapiens (Max's banker toon) 
GM 's Partner/Helper: Aisse (and all her alts)
Asst GM: Maximuz (and all his alts)
Knights: NONE
Squires: Malrick, Angerwin, Mynameismoo Oralisk


Guild Officers

About Maximuz:


Maximuz back on  June 26, 2006.

Maximuz is an Asst-GM-Alt of our guild and is a guild officer

November 8, 2008 --- Maximuz --- still at level 70.

Maximuz is a male night elf hunter.  He is a marksmanship hunter. 
Maximuz is Level 80.
(He dinged 80 on April 3, 2009.)

Maximuz turned Level 70 in April or May of 2007.  At level 70, his professions were maxed out. He chose Skinning (475/475) and Dragonscale Leatherworking (475/475).  Maximuz is Aldor.  He has several ground mounts (his firsts were a regular and an epic cat, he also has many others which he will gladly show you if you ask him to), a regular gryphon flying mount, a nether ray epic flyer, and a Netherwing drake.   Maximuz has been on several arena teams in the past with Aisse. (He was the second half of the 2v2 arena team <NyteMarez>, was a member of the 3v3 arena team <Farming Epics>, & was a member of the 5v5 arena team <The PeaceMakers>.)

Maximuz has been to Onyxia's Lair and Molten Core in the Old World and to Naxxramas (in the BC version), and, in the Outlands, is keyed to go to Karazhan (and has been there many times), has been to Grull's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, SSC, Mt. Hygl, A'D, Zul'Garab, Black Temple, etc., and holds heroic keys for many places. 

Maximuz has formidable knowledge about hunters... so if any of you have questions about hunters, he is the one to ask.  Maximuz also has Maximuzz (Baby Max)... see below...

Maximuz started playing WoW on April 24, 2006. (He was "Max'" first toon.) 




About Aisse:

Aisse is a female night elf rogue.
Aisse has been a combat sword rogue for nearly all of her life, but occasionally she goes assassination dagger.
Aisse is Level 80.
(She dinged 80 on April 5, 2009--- 112 days 13 hrs 0 min since birth)

Aisse, in Dalaran, with the new daggers 
and new assassination spec of 51-13-7
(June 20, 2009)

Aisse is a female Night Elf Rogue. She was born on Lightbringer Server on Oct 24, 2006.
She reached Level 70 on July 10, 2007.  She dinged 80 on April 5, 2009 ---112 days, 13 hr, 0 min since birth---. 

Aisse was leveled all the way to lvl 80 as a Combat Sword rogue, using 2 very good swords that had Mongoose Enchant on them.  She was spec 19/42/0 the whole time she was level 70, but then when the new patch came out on October 21, 2008 and she started leveling up to 80, she became spec 5/56/0.  Later, when she reached level 80, I re-spec her to 20/51/0.  Then, on June 20, 2009, after I got 2 really good daggers (better weapons than my swords), I respec Assassination tree -- 51-13-7.

Aisse's professions are Skinning (450/450) and Elemental Leatherworking (426/450). 
 Her lockpicking skill is maxed out at 400/400.  She is willing to pick locks at the drop of a hat.  She is Scryer. 

Aisse has two ground mounts (regular and epic cats), a regular gryphon flying mount, a nether ray epic flyer (which she finally got on March 19, 2008 - thanks to the sale of her world drop sword "Blinkstike" for 2500 Gold-- that she got off a random mob up in Skettis while doing the dailies there--), and, since she is exalted with the Netherwing, she also has an Azure Netherdrake.

In the past, Aisse was the captain of three arena teams. That is how she got her "Merciless Gladiator" weapons to which she had "Mongoose" Enchantment added (for 1,000 Gold), the weapons she used for a couple of years.  The arena teams were: a 2v2 arena team called <NyteMarez>, a 3v3 arena team called <Farming Epics>, and a 5v5 arena team called <The PeaceMakers>. 

Aisse has been to Onyxia's Lair and to Molten Core in the Old World (and to Naxxramus in the BC version).  She is keyed to go to Karazhan (and has been there many times)She has been to Grull's Lair and she holds heroic keys for many other instances. 

Aisse was an Asst-GM (of a large guild on Lightbringer Server) until she transferred to the Exodar Server on January 26, 2008.  Upon arriving there, she became an Asst-GM of a small guild and ran it. Then, after about two months, she made her own guild and called it <Insurrection>. She was GM of <Insurrection> Guild until she transferred back to the Lightbringer Server on August 26, 2008.  (At that time, she transferred GM leadership of the <Insurrection> Guild to her warlock alt "Weebe".)





"Squires" --- guild sub-officers



Malrick is a Squire of our guild and is a guild sub-officer.
Malrick is a level 80  Hunter - Survival spec.

Malrick (and his alt Niles) leveled up from low level to level 60 with Aisse (back a few years ago).



ABOUT "Angerwin"

Angerwin is a Squire of our guild and is a guild sub-officer.

Angerwin is DL's  level 80 Blood Spec Death Knight

Her professions are mining and engineering.  She is currently working on getting the mats together to make her motorcycle.

DL has been playing WoW for a few years. During that time, she has had experience as a guild master and as an assistant-gm.  Her wealth of knowledge and experience is very valuable to the guild.

Although she has played other classes, she loves her pally best... that would be her Holy Pally named Dragonlaydee.

(Her "Main" toon is named Dragonlaydee.  DL is a level 80 Holy Paladin and belongs to another guild on this server.)

Her alts include:  Laticia, Tryxanna, Dragonlaydee, and Zul....anna.

 Dragonlaydee on her new mount
Level 80 Holy Paladin
(June 22, 2009)




Mynameismoo (Reld) is a Squire of our guild and is a guild sub-officer.

(Reld is on Exodar Server in <Insurrection> Guild.

My friend, Reld, has been playing WoW for a few years (practically since the game began) and has several high level toons who are not in our gulid.

(His alts include: Reldrick, a level 80 Prot Paladin,  Curmundgeon a level 75 rogue, Evildorf, a level 80 DK, and Songyosaw a level 80 hunter. 
 He is currently an Asst-GM in another guild on Lightbringer server with those toons. )

His wealth of knowledge and experience is very valuable to our guild, and we are grateful that his alt "mynameismoo" (it was Jichima" previously) is a part of our team. 




In AQ-40 Oralisk won this mount on 7/11/09 (Yshira took this pic)


Oralisk is a Squire of our guild and is a guild sub-officer.
Oralisk is a level 80 Mage.
  Oralik's professions are Enchanting (450/450) and Tailororing (449/450). 

Oralisk loves questing and doing instances with guild members.  He does NOT do pvp.

He will do PUGs in dungeons from time to time.

Oralisk has been in <Orphanz> guild since he was level 1.

Orlisk has a priest on Exodar Server named Humblemonk.




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