The <Orphanz> Guild

In Shadowmoon Valley - August 20, 2008



Guild Guidelines 


We are striving to make and keep our guild a friendly, fun, helpful place. We want our guild to be one in which everyone can enjoy  companionship and camaraderie.

Our Basic Rules are: use "common sense", have "common courtesy", "respect", and "integrity".

Be a Part of the Guild!

2. NO Begging for GOLD in Guild Chat or in any PUBLIC channel or by Yelling it anywhere!
3. NO Spamming Nonsense in Guild Chat or in any PUBLIC channel or Yelling Spam anywhere!
4. NO Power Leveling.
5. NO Ninjas allowed!

This also means:
1. Have Fun!
2. Be Enthusiastic!
3. Be Helpful!
4. Be Friendly!
5. Remember to Use Ventrilo.
6. Remember to type and read Guild Chat!


Changes to the Guildelines:

The Guildelines may be changed by the GM at any time.
If a guildie has a problem with any rule, please bring it up with the GM
---- IN PRIVATE please. ----



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Revised Aug 10, 2009