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Lotamight gets his mount (Level 30) at the Eastvale Mining Camp
Happy!!!! Happy!!!!!
(October 7, 2008)




Blkphoenix joins the guild ... and poses for a pic with Aisse
(October 9, 2008)





Aisse & Zumixam dance to the band "The Tauren Chieftains" in the Old World Tavern in Lower City --- Shatt City
(October 10, 2008)




The last run of Naxxramas in Burning Crusade version of the game... and Maximuz & Aisse are there with 38 others!
(Naxx will be remodeled for the Wrath of the Lich King version... and will reappear after November 11, 2008)
(October 10, 2008)




Pics from Naxxramas --- October 10, 2008

Things aren't going so well... so we are changing some of the players...



Blkphoenix gets his flying mount
--- Shadowmoon Valley ---
(Oct 11, 2008)



(Oct 11, 2008)



Aurindris dings "70"
(Oct 12, 2008)



In the Sunken Temple --- Lycees, Marnee, Aisse, Metalwolf
(Oct 12, 2008)



 Lycees warlock quest to get his epic ground mount - the Dreadsteed -
We did it!
Xxam, Metalwolf, Dragonlaydee, Aisse & Lycees  in Dire Maul
(Oct 12, 2008)



Back to Naxxramas for the final battle!
(October 12, 2008)

Naxxramas... you beat us!... the final battle!
(October 12, 2008)



Aisse meets up with Chanowen for the fishing quest in Auberdine
(October 13, 2008)





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Dec 3, 2008