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Reldrick, Xxam, Yshira, Outline & Lycees
The Shadow Labyrinth (Shadow Labs)
-- Getting the 1st key fragment --
--in Auchidown, Terrokar Forest, Outlands--
(November 12, 2008)



Turning in the quest...
... "The Second and Third Fragments"
to get the quest to go back and see Khadgar in Shatt City
to finally get "The Master Key"...
(Nov 12, 2008)



Streightt, Xxam, Yshira, Outline & Lycees
The Steamvaults
-- Getting the 2nd key fragment --
--in Zangermarsh--
(November 12, 2008)




Xxam dings 70
while we are working to get the 2nd key fragment
(November 12, 2008)

After Xxam dings 70 in The Steamvaults,
he's in Shadowmoon Valley, getting his flying mount
(November 12, 2008)



Now off to The Arcatraz
(to get the 3rd key fragment)
(Nov 12, 2008)




Inside the Arcatraz
(to get the 3th Key Fragment)
Lycees, Xxam, Yshira, Reldrick & Stormkeeper
(Nov 12, 2008)



Inside the Black Morass
Lycees, Xxam, Yshira, Reldrick & Outline
(to get the 4th Key Fragment)
(Nov 12, 2008)



Turning in the quest...
... to get "The Master Key"
(to open the gate to Karazhan)
(Nov 12, 2008)







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Dec 16, 2008