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You will want to keep an eye out for this guy in Hellfire Penn... and avoid him!



Taking down the Overlord, in Hellfire Penn, Outlands
(November 15, 2008)



"Songyosaw, Your pet is HUGE!"

At the Flight Path in Shatt City, Outlands
(November 15, 2008)



Laerena, walking on water, in Zangermarsh, Outlands
(November 15, 2008)



Deadlybeast (Mightybeast's DK) -- in Hellfire Penn, Outlands
(November 17, 2008)




Lycees in Zangermarsh
(November 18, 2008)



Sylra about to go through the Dark Portal into the Outlands, for the first time!
(November 20, 2008)

 Sylra picking up the first flight path in Hellfire, Outlands (at the Dark Portal)
(Nov 20, 2009)



Oralisk in Nethergard Keep, Blasted Lands
(November 21, 2008)




Moonflow near the Stormwind Gates
(November 22, 2008)




Imzadi in Honor Hold, Hellfire, Outlands
(November 22, 2008)



Stila & Iyanden step through the Dark Portal into the Outlands...
(November 30, 2008)







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April 14, 2009