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Questing---Where do I go now?



(NOTE: The info below was written for a pvp server... but it works equally well for a pve server). It was also written out before the "BC" expansion came about, back when level 60 was the top level. Nevertheless, I still go by this list.  I just add the extra zones to the levels 60-70 and 70-80.

Starting Zones:
1-10: Alliance - These are "safe" zones.  If you see a horde character, don't click on them, they can't attack you. Occasionally you will see a horde show up and kill some NPCs trying to get some attention.  Azuremyst Isle will probably be the higher traffic area, followed by Elwynn Forest.  Teldrassil will probably be a ghost town in comparison and Dun Morogh is pretty sparse for players. 
(I have noted recently that Westfall and Astranaar seem to get horde mobs killing npcs daily.)

Elwynn Forest - human
Dun Morogh - dwarf/gnome
Azuremyst Isle - draenei
Teldrassil - night elf


1-10: horde - These are the horde starting zones. If you go here (if you are alliance), you will be flagged pvp. I would avoid all 4 of these zones. Durotar is where the Horde main city is. Durator and Eversong Forest will probably have the most horde in them. If you have to travel through any of these 4 zones ,I would suggest going "the long route" (i.e. stay off the road.) An example of this principle would be: if you want to go to Scarlet Monastery, I would suggest going from Southshore up to Scarlet Monastery and actually swim through the lake in Tirisfal Glades instead of running along the road attracting attention.

Eversong Forest - blood elf
Tirisfal Glades - undead
Durotar - orc/troll
Mulgore - tauren


10-20 Alliance - All of these zones are "safe" zones. They can't attack you if you don't click on them! For the most part they should leave you alone but a few key notes: Horde sometimes like to mess around at the docks with the boats between Wetlands and Darkshore.  Most players go to Westfall in this level range.

Westfall - Main alliance zone (Deadmines is here to do.)
Loch Modan


10-20 Horde - 99.9% of all horde (prior to BC expansion) went to the Barrens to level, and ignored Silverpine Forest. With the new Ghostlands zone I'd imagine that's the "new hotness" players are wanting to checkout. I would avoid both the Barrens and Ghostlands as much as possible, and if you find yourself needing to do a pass-through on the Barrens to get somewhere, stay off the road, and avoid "the crossroads" (the city in the middle of the zone). That is a focal point for PvP. Alliance players go there when they wanna show their e-Pen off to horde players.

The Barrens - main horde zone (can actually get to 30 here)
Silverpine Forest
Tirisfal Glades - Shadowfang Keep


15-25 Redridge - the lowest level "pvp" enabled zone with alliance quests. With that said it attracts a lot of jerks who have no skill at pvping and typically aren't capable of pvping 70 vs 70 so they have to pick on level 15-20 players. PvP sometimes happens here on the bridge or around the gryphen master. I've had little problems here but it occurs occasionally.

20-30 Hillsbrad Foothills - This is the easy to access lower level pvp enable zone with horde (and alliance) quests. Tauren Mill (the horde town) is where a lot of alliance people go to gank horde players. It's pretty much the same deal as Redridge. This zone is sandwiched right next to a horde zone as well, so really this isn't the best of zones to level in. Plus it has a lot of low level murlocks that are good for farming mats for shammys.

18-30 Duskwood - Alliance this is a very strong zone for alliance, occasionally some pvp might happen around the graveyard area or the road, but this would be my #1 choice zone for this level range.

20-30 Wetlands - Alliance heavy zone, this would be my #2 choice. Probably there is less pvp in this zone (outside of the docks) compared to Duskwood, but personally I just don't like all the swimming quests in this zone.

15-27 Stonetalon - This zone has quests for both level ranges (typically night elves head this way). This zone is pretty much a low traffic zone, but it primarily has more horde in it from the Barrens then alliance players. I typically stick with Wetlands and Duskwood in this range.

18-30 Ashenvale - This is a nightelf zone. I had no idea you can get all the way to 30 in this zone. Truthfully, I think this zone is like a ghost town, a lot of players do Wetlands/Duskwood and just avoid this zone. Its very close to the Barrens so I wouldn't be surprised if you bump into some horde coming up from there (especially on a pvp server), but for the most part this zone is typically more alliance then horde, but like I said its a ghost town, so more might be like 5 players in the whole zone instead of 2.  Blackfathom Deeps is here to do.

25-35 Thousand Needles - This is where most horde go after the Barrens. The Barrens can EASILY get a horde player to 25-30 range. And this zone is perfect for the horde. The racetrack area has some fantastic quick kill quests, but this is where the horde is. Most horde do Starter zone -> Barrens -> Thousand Needles/STV -> Tenaris

30-40 Desolace - this is a ghost town. Typically you will either bump into solo players or very small partys in the pockets. Maurodan is here to do.

30-40 Arathi Highlands - This is zone that is trafficked more then Desolace, but it shouldn't be terribly bad for pvp.

30-40 Alterac Mountains - I would probably try to see how it goes in this zone, it shouldn't be to terribly bad.

30-40 Stranglethorn Vale (STV)- This is probably the best leveling/questing zone in the game for this level range. However being 'the best' its also the highest trafficked and most PvPed zone in the game. The best idea for this zone is to have a 60 or 70 run you through stuff fast then spend time elsewhere. When players go to this zone they typically are looking for pvp.  ........... is here to do.

35-45 Dustwallow Marsh - This zone is not trafficked too heavily. There is a horde town here and its close to the Barrens. In a patch in Feb/March 2008, Blizzard added a bunch of new quests in here and added a new fp called "Mudsprocket". It's over close to Oxynia's lair.  They also added a road into the swamp so you could more easily find some of the npc questgivers in there.  This is a good area to do.

35-45 Badlands - This zone shouldn't be to terribly bad. Occasionally you might bump into some horde. Uldaman is here to do.

35-45 Swamp of Sorrows - There are a few alliance quests in here, as there are some new npc questgivers in here, but there is no Alliance fp (the nearest ones are in Duskwood and in the Blasted Lands). Sunken Temple is in this place. I do the quests in here too, but I've run into alot of horde npc guards walking along the roads. There is a Horde town here so be careful if you are alliance and go to this zone.  (On PvE Server, this area is fine to go to and there are a lot of new quests to do there, but on a PvP Server, you will want to avoid this zone.)

40-50 Hinterlands - I would go to this zone and do the quests here before going to the other zones this level.  However, as you are doing this zone, you will notice that the quests do become too high level for you after awhile, so go to the other zones and do some of the quests there, then come back to the Hinterlands and finish up.

While in the Hinterlands, you will want to get the Sacred Mallet so that you can call the hydra, Gahz'Rilla, in the pool inside the 5-man instance Zul'Farrak (ZF), when you get down to Tanaris. (You pick up that quest in the Shimmering Flats Raceway outside Gadgetzan, Tanaris.  The reward is good. Only one person needs the mallet for all party members to benefit.)

[To get the Mallet: Go to the Hinterlands, Climb the Altar of Zul, Kill the elite trolls up there to receive the sacred mallet - you will need a group- then travel to the southeastern edge of the Hinterlands and climb through the level of trolls to the top of the area - again you will need a group -  where the Sacred Mallet can be charged --- basically use the Mallet on the Altar on the top of the city, but DO NOT touch the guy on that alter.]


40-50 Feralas - I would head to this zone when you hit 40. Feathermoon (island) is especially safe. I would spend your early 40s in this zone, and try to stick to this zone as much as possible. You will want to do Dire Maul. (DM)

40-50 Tanaris - This is a mixed zone. Might bump into some horde in this zone. I usually do this zone AFTER Feralas. You will want to do Zul'Farrak. (ZF)

43-50 Searing Gorge - This zone used to be very highly trafficked (by guilds traveling from Thorium Point to BRD, BWL, MC, UBRS, Etc. It should be trafficked a lot less now but truthfully I don't know how it stands player wise. About 80% of this zone should be a ghost town.

45-55 The Blasted Lands - This is the route to the Outlands. Probably there will be a lot of traffic in this zone. Also this zone has never been really all that friendly. I typically skip this one.

45-55 Azshara - This zone, I have never been able to find that many quests.  I run up there do some then head to another zone. Avoid killing the big bears here, you don't wanna mess up your faction! 90% of this zone should be a ghost town.  This zone is wonderful zone for skinners.

48-55 Felwood - This is a very high traffic area, but you need to fix your faction so you can run through the tunnel to Winterspring. If you wanna avoid pvp, then you probably want to skip this zone.

48-55 Un'Goro Crater - This is a volatile area, lots of high level mobs. I usually do this zone. Sometimes its great, sometimes its bad.

50-58 Burning Steppes - I usually do the quests in this zone for the Onyxia attunement.  Horde know which mobs are the quest mobs for Onxyia attunement so sometimes they like to hassle you with the dragonkins. Other then that, the zone shouldn't be to bad. 80% of this zone should be a ghost town. [There is no attunement for Onyxia now, but you will still want to do the quests.]

51-58 Western Plaguelands - This is a big mix. It used to be really bad because everyone was trying to get Argent Dawn faction for Naxxaramus. I have no idea how it is anymore since people aren't farming up for Naxx since the BC expansion came out. I usually do all the quests in this zone.

53-60 Eastern Plaguelands - This is another big mix zone. I usually do most of the quests in this zone too. You can also get Argent Dawn Rep here.

You will want to do Scholomance and Stratholme and eventually get into Naxxaramus.

55-60 Deadwind Pass - (You head out of Duskwood to get into Deadwind Pass.) This is becoming a very highly traveled zone for Karazhan.  People travel through this zone, but other then to get to Karazhan there isn't much to do here other than to kill the Ogres that are closer to Karazhan. You can farm them for their drops of cloth.  No quests tho'.  Also, you go a little ways into Deadwind Pass to get to the turnoff to go to the Swamp of Sorrows (which leads you then over to the Blasted Lands). Don't worry, no mobs to kill along that part of the trail.

55-60 Silithus - This used to be a highly trafficked raid area (for AQ20, AQ40), however people aren't really raiding those zones much any more, not since the BC expansion came out, but you will probably want to go do those instances. They are fun. As long as you aren't standing directly in front of the gate (southern area) it shouldn't be to terrible. The outer areas of this zone should be a ghost town.

53-60 Winterspring - another high level zone. This one has far less traffic then Western or Eastern Plaguelands. Most of the traffic in this zone is from people farming Furblogs (the bears) or going after herbs or mines.


58 (or 60) ---> GO TO THE OUTLANDS.  Do Outlands in this order ---> Hellfire ->Zangermarsh -> Tekkar Forest ->Nagrand ->Blades Edge Mountains-> Netherstorm ->Shadowmoon Valley.

You will hit level 70 BEFORE you do all of the zones. (You will probably hit lvl 70 in Negrand or in Blades Edge Mountains.)  (Don't forget to kill a lot of mobs in your path. It will give you xp too, but you will still want to do quests in the other zones too.)

Note: When you get to the OUTLANDS, you will want to immediately start doing the instances when you get there, to work on your reputation.  The smaller instances give you Rep to Honored for killing stuff.  After you hit Honored, you ONLY get REP from doing Quests or from the Harder Level 70 Instances, so it's better if you do the instances first. (It's easier to get revered). You want your rep up so you can buy great gear and weapons off the quartermasters for each of the factions. Also you will get great gear out of the instances and so you can purchase the "Heroic" Keys to do the instances on Heroic Mode. [See details below.]


68 (to 70)---> GO TO NORTHREND. (The earliest you can go there is level 68) --->

(ALLIANCE) ---->Take the boat from Menethil Harbor, Wetlands to Valgard in Howling Fjord and do that zone OR take the boat from Stormwind Harbour to Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra and do that zone ---> or do them in the reverse order, but do both those zones ---> THEN go to Dragonblight ----> THEN go to Sholazar Basin ---> THEN go to Grizzly Hills ---> THEN go to Zul'Drak ---> THEN Go to either Storm Peaks or Ice Crown and do that zone, but end up doing both of those zones.

You will probably reach level 80 by the time you finish most of  Zul'Drak, or shortly after you get to Storm Peaks.

(HORDE) ----> Take the Blimp from Undercity to Vengeance Landing, Howling Fjord OR take the Blimp from Orgrimmar to Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra to start your questing.




Note: You will want to immediately start doing the instances in the Outlands when you get there, to work on your reputation.   The smaller instances give you Rep to Honored for killing stuff.  After you hit Honored, you ONLY get REP from doing Quests or from the Harder Level 70 Instances, so it's better if you do the instances first. (It's easier to get revered.) You want your rep up so you can buy great gear and weapons off the quartermasters for each of the factions. Also you will get great gear out of the instances.

However, if you do the quests first, it's ok, it's just you will end up having to do harder quests more to get your Rep to Revered, which is where you want to end up....

SO..... do RAMPARTS and BLOOD FURNACE alot... (many times) (in Hellfire Penn).

Then.... go do SLAVE PENS and UNDERBOG (if you can)... (many times) (in Zangermarsh).

Then do the Quests around Honor Hold. (There are enough for about 2 levels.)

Then do the Quests in Zangermarsh (There are enough for about 2 levels.)

Then go to Tekkaar Forest.

Then do Negrand.

Then go to Blades Edge Mountains.

Then go to Netherstorm and/or Shadowmoon Valley.

You will hit level 70 BEFORE you do all of the zones (you will probably hit lvl 70 in Negrand), but you may still want to do quests in the other zones too. 

You will want to do the quest chain in Shadowmoon Valley to get exalted with the Netherwing to get your Drake (an epic flying mount). To get exalted with the Netherwing, you can do the dailies on the Netherwing Ledge.

You will also want to do the chain of quests to get your "Key" for Karazhan.  Getting "keyed" takes a 5-man group for several instances. You will definitely want to do this.





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