The <Orphanz> Guild

Sample of Pictures




Maximuz and Aisse in Stormwind - in July 2007 - both level 70


Maximuz and Aisse at Christmas 2007


Maximuz and Aisse in Stormwind in 2007


Dragonlaydee came to meet Aisse  in Shatt City,
when Aisse arrived  after her long flight from the Exodar Server to Lightbringer
(Aug 26, 2008)


Jayyn in BFD with other guildies: Marnee, Lycees, Coldethyll and Purplebeast.....
on Aug 11, 2008


Jayyn goes to SFK with Dathius, Lycees and Coldethyll ...
on Aug 11, 2008


Sleepmonster & Aisse meet up on the road north of Southshore - July 2008
(Aisse wearing her "hat" I see... Everyone hates the look of that "swimming cap")


In Blood Furnace, Yshira healing the group on Feb 12, 2009
(You can see "healbot" addon there on the screen.... the green stripes.)


BEFORE The Wrath of the Lich King...

After The Jail Break in BRD, Yshira accompanies Marshal Reginald Windsor when he goes to Stormwind Keep
to talk to the King's counsellor and confront Lady Katrana Prestor...


... but when Marshal Reginald Windsor confronts Lady Katrana Prestor...
.... she transforms into the huge dread Dragon Onyxia ... and the guards turn into dragonkin... and the battle is on ...
 (October 5, 2008)


The REAL Lady Katrana Prestor: the Dragon Onyxia ...  in her Lair in Duskwallow Marsh ---
(a level 60, 40-man instance)




  July 28, 2008 - Aisse holds the Reins of the Azure Netherwing Drake "Suraku" for the first time --- 
Shattrath City - Outlands




Alondar on the Exodar Server -- <Insurrection> Guildie -- at level 70


Sleepmonster in Negrand, Outlands


Jayyn taking the boat from the Exodar...
August 25, 2008... at level 30



Tonight (March 3, 2009) while in Zul'Farrak,  at level 50,
Kuura received both halves of the famous unique-equipped swords,
Sang'thraze the Deflector and Jang'thraze the Protector,
when put together make the very "unique" 2-handed sword,
Sul'thraze the Lasher.



Sul'thraze the Lasher hangs from Kuura's back when not in use,
and looks like this in Kuura's hand.
Kuura was level 50, so is the 2-hand sword.



Maximuz & Aisse decided to go to the "beach" in Stormwind.


We found the dock, but no sand!


January 25, 2009 in the Caverns of Time.


January 28, 2009 Tygrannas and Minibow are about to step through the Dark Portal for the first time.
Yshira is there for support (and pictures).


January 29, 2009


January 31, 2009 in Ironforge

January 31, 2009

(Yes this is Yshira, in her "healing" form) --- January 31, 2009



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