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It is an external program (not part of WoW) that you download and set up to allow you to  be able to hear and talk to us and we will be able to hear and talk to you.  Ventrilo is a program commonly used by the big guilds, especially by the raiding guilds. (Some raiding guilds choose to use another program called Teamspeak, instead.)

Our "Vent" Server is provided to the Guild members free of charge. It is paid for out of the pockets of the Aisse and Maximuz. 

Why do we use it?

It makes doing instances and raids and 5-man groups much easier.  It's easier and faster to talk to each other when explaining boss fights.  Typing takes a lot longer.  Also, it is nearly impossible to kill lvl 70+ elite mobs & bosses and type at the same time. Sometimes we can't even see the typing for all of the bombs exploding and other action on the screen during fights. 

What will need to use Ventrilo?

1. Vent Server Program & Vent Info to set it up (see below).

2. A Headset & Mic.   (You can pick one up at BestBuy or Walmart or Target for about $20 or there about.)

3. Authorization to use it (Aisse or Zumixam can authorize you). (You must be a "MEMBER" rank to be authorized.)



Vent Server INFO:


It's EASY to get Ventrilo!

Ventrillo Download Link

You can download the program  at
Download the "CLIENT" version. (the 32-bit or 64-bit version)
(It takes about 2-5 minutes to download.)

(as of July 27, 2008):

Info for Connecting to WoWRoguez Ventrillo Server:

Name :   wowroguez


Port:    27748

Password:    Please ask Aisse  (in the game) or

or email Aisse:



SETTING UP Ventrilo for the 1st time:

When you set up the info, please use ONLY YOUR "MAIN" Toon name as Your name.  Please do NOT use your real life name.  

For instance.... If your toon is a mage and is named "Libby".... PLEASE Do NOT say "Libby the Mage". Simply Say "Libby".


OK--- Here's what to do!:

Open Ventrilo Program on your computer.

1. Click  the arrow symbol next to the box beside the word "USER NAME".

A Box will pop up. Click "NEW".

In that box, fill in the information.

USER NAME: (type your TOON name) (if your toon name is "Libby" - type in LIBBY)

SERVER NAME: wowroguez

Click OK


2. Click the arrow symbol next to the word "SERVER".

A Box will pop up.

In that box, fill in the information.


Port: 27748

Password: (Contact Aisse to get the password)

Click OK


3. Click CONNECT (to connect to Ventrilo)


4. Once you connect in Ventrilo, click on the tab called "SETUP" on the right side, in the Ventrilo program.

A Box will pop up.

At the top you will see two tabs. Be sure you are in "SET UP VOICE" tab.

Tick the following boxes:


   X       Enable Outgoing voice communications       

       X      Use Direct Sound On Output Device    

    X      Use Push-to-talk HotKey

       X       Use Direct Sound On Input Device    

    X      Use Direct Input to Detect HotKey

               Play Key Clicks    (This Box should NOT be ticked)  


(or pick a key you want to use)

You will DEFINITELY need to set a "push-to-talk" key.


                     MIN                                  MAX
  I put it at MAX.


OUTBOUND       -10                                   +10
                           __________X___________  I put it at about the middle.

  I put it at about the middle.




NOTE: You will NOT be able to talk in vent until you are authorized to use it.

Aisse or Maximuz (or their alts) will be able to authorize you to use our ventrilo server ONCE YOU ARE promoted to "MEMBER" rank status.

You only have to be authorized one time, and it only takes a couple minutes to do that. 

Remember: all you have to do is get yourself promoted to "MEMBER" rank, downloaded and set up Ventrilo, and connect.

Remember:  Only  "Your Main Toon Name" that is in our guild, will be authorized to use our vent server.

Note: If you log into ventrilo ("connect") and find that you cannot move around between the channels or are not in the channel with others or do not see any of the other channels, or you cannot speak to us, it's most likely because you have not been authorized to use the vent server yet.  Simply "disconnect" and pst Aisse (or Maximuz) and advise her.  She will authorize you if you meet all the requirements.  AFTER she authorizes you, you will be able to "connect" to Vent and talk to us.  Simply "disconnect" from vent, and "connect" again, and it should work.

Please remember the rules of the guild... they apply to ventrilo too.

We have had problems in the past, and do not want them to happen in the future. To prevent problems and misunderstandings, please remember to disconnect from vent and get out of the program when you are not playing the game, or if you leave your computer and you have a friend over or a sibling who might pull a prank while you are downstairs eating. We would not want you to get removed from the guild because of someone else's bad behaviour in vent. It is a privilege for you to use Vent, and ONLY YOU (not your brother, not your friend) will be authorized to use it. It is your responsibility to make sure only YOU use it.

Should any cussing or any slanderous conduct occur in vent by your toon, [whether it be you or someone else who got into your vent on your toon - by any means], you will be removed from the vent server and banned from using it - until the GM can ascertain what happened and get it sorted out.

Your rank may be reduced to "Doghouse" rank or you may be removed from the guild by Officers if the GM is not online and one of the officers is.

So, please protect yourself, and make sure only YOU use the vent server and that you are courteous and follow the guild guidelines while using it. 



Problems using our VENT SERVER:

A few have told me that when they connect they can hear, but are not able to speak. Here are some suggestions to try:

1. First, check your headset.  Make sure the button on your headset wire that connects to your computer is in the "on" position (not on mute). 

2. Make sure you have set up a "hotkey" in the set up part of ventrilo and you are pressing it down when you are speaking.

3. Check your computer settings:
Make sure your computer interface (in computer control panel) is set for headset and mic.  You may also wish to check to make sure your computer sound is turned up. It's under Volume at the bottom right of your screen on the panel, or you can get to it through your computer interface  (under sound or volume control).

4. Are you sure you downloaded "the client" version?

5. Still can't talk?
Some have said they are running Vista operating system and had to click to "run as administrator" to get vent to work. I don't know how to do that, but if you are using Vista, and you still can't talk to us, you might see if you can figure that out and see if that helps.

Don't give up! We'll figure it out!  (Malrick - a member in our guild - is a good one to help you figure this out. )



Those who may use our vent server include:

1.  <Orphanz> (Our main Alliance Guild on Lightbringer Server)

2. <Dementors> (Our Horde Guild on Madoran Server)

3. <Insurrection> (Our Main Alliance Guild on Exodar Server)

4. <Recollection> (Our "Twink" Alliance Guild on Exodar Server)

5. <Vengance> (Our Horde Guild on Exodar Server)

6. Others may be allowed in with special permission of Aisse and/or Zumixam.



Changes to the Guildelines:

The Guildelines may be changed by the GM at any time.
If a guildie has a problem with any rule, please bring it up with the GM ---- IN PRIVATE!


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Aug 10, 2009