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Where do I find the Trainers and Information on my two professions? and Where to I get skill-ups training? 





Leatherworking Training or patterns?  --- Skinning at higher levels?

Tailoring Training or patterns?  ---   Enchanting Training or patterns?

Alchemy Training or patterns?  ---Where do I pick Herbs?

Blacksmithing Training or patterns? --- Mining at higher levels?

Engineering Training or patterns?  --- Jewelcrafting training or patterns?

Where do I find Recipes and Patterns?




  Where do I find the Trainers and information on the professions and skill-ups?

The information here re: the professions was gathered and provided to me for the Guild Website by Dathias.  Thank you Dathias for this. It's of big help to all of us, and you doing the research on it saved me lots of time. Thank you so much for your help by gathering this information for me.



Recipe list - 

Caryssia Moonhunter <Tribal Leatherworking Trainer> 
Feralas, (89.4, 46.5)

Sarah Tanner <Elemental Leatherworking Trainer> 
Searing Gorge, (62.3, 76.5) - (64.0, 72.9) (she moves around a lot)

Peter Galen <Dragonscale Leatherworking Trainer> 
Azshara, (37.5,65.4)



List of all gear and specialty info. 
Recipe List - 

There are quite a few who teach Weaponsmith recipes.
(Specialization in Weaponsmith requires talking to Ironus Coldsteel or an npc near him)
Ironus Coldsteel <Weaponsmith Trainer> 
Sub-Specialities can be found at winterspring

Seril Scourgebane teaches the specialty 
Winterspring - 61.3, 37.2

Lilith the Lithe 
Winterspring - 61.3, 37.1

Winterspring - 61.3, 37.1

5. Armorsmith
Grumnus Steelshaper 
Ironforge - Moves around on the Bridge near Great Anvil, 48.5, 43.2



Recipe List - 


Gidge Spellweaver <Spellfire Specialist> 
Shattrath City - 65.8, 65.8


Nasmara moonsong <Mooncloth Specialist> 
Shattrath City - 65.8, 65.8


Andrion Darkspinner <Shadoweave Specialist> 
Shattrath City - 65.8, 65.8



Recipe List - 
Lorokeem <Master Alchemy Trainer>
Shattrath city - 45.7, 21.7

1.Elixir Mastery - Quests

Lorokeem <Master Alchemy Trainer>
Shattrath City - 45.7, 21.7

2.Transmute Mastery

Netherstorm - 43.8, 36.0

3.Potion Mastery

Lauranna Thar'well <Expedition Cataloguer> 
Zangarmarsh - 80.3, 64.3



Strongly Recommended you are a Scryer for this profession!
Recipe list - 

High Enchanter Bardolan <Master Enchanting Trainer> 

Annora <Enchanting Trainer> 



Recipe List -
Hamanar <Grand Master Jewelcrafter> 

Shattrath City
Tatiana <Master Jewelcraft Trainer> 
Hellfire Peninsula - Honor Hold 54.6, 63.6




Recipe List - 

Tinkmaster Overspark <Gnomish Engineering Trainer> 
Ironforge - 69.6, 51.0

There is also another one in Stranglethorn vale
Oglethorpe Obnoticus <Gnomish Engineering Trainer> 
Stranglethorn Vale, Booty Bay - 28.3, 76.3

Nixx Sprocketspring <Goblin Engineering Trainer> 
Tanaris - Gadgetzan 52.5, 27.3

Vazario Linkgrease <Goblin Engineering Trainer> 
The Barrens - Ratchet, 62.7, 36.3




  Where do I find Recipes?

From trainers, trades people, cooking supplies vendors, inn keepers, auction house, drops, quest rewards, quartermasters in the Outlands (when you have high enough rep).

You can also check on   






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