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Useful Information & Useful Links



Ventrilo (Vent) Server Information:

 Ventrilo INFO



Where do I go for Lockpicking skill-ups?      




Where do I go for Mining skill-ups?       

Skill-up MINING

or try :



Where do I find the Trainers and information on the professions and get skill-ups?

Leatherworking Training or patterns?  Skinning at higher levels?

Tailoring Training or patterns?  Enchanting Training or patterns?

Alchemy Training or patterns? Where do I pick Herbs?

Blacksmithing Training or patterns? Mining at higher levels?

Engineering Training or patterns?  Jewelcrafting training or patterns?

Where do I find Recipes and Patterns?

INSCRIPTION --- NEW October 2008




Where do I find the Trainers for 1st Aid? (at what level)?

1st Aid



Where do I go FISHING?  (at what level)? and where do I get training?




Where do I go For COOKING Recipes and Training? (at what level)?




I'm Level "X", Where do I go quest now?




Tell me about DUNGEONS please....


(5-man Instances) (10-man Instances)
(25-man Instances) and (40-man Instances)



Where do I go to get "keyed" for Karazhan?
(see the raiding tab) 

  Karazhan Key



How do I get the key for Arcatraz?
(It's a quest chain) 

  Arcatraz Key



Some Websites that will Help you

Helpful Websites



What does each CLASS do? (What does a Rogue do? What does a Priest do? What does a Mage do? etc... )
AND Can you show me some Talent Builds? (Where do I put my Talent Points?)

Clicking this will take you to website

 Talent Points



How do I get Reputation with the various factions?
See the list of info on:



Heroic Keys:
(the ones you still need to get)



Changes to the Guildelines:

The Guildelines may be changed by the GM at any time.
If a guildie has a problem with any rule, please bring it up with the GM
---- IN PRIVATE! ----



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